Software Engineering

Enterprise Systems for SMEs


With over 16 years experience in enterprise system development, we've created custom group up software packages for clients as well as extending functionality of clients existing ERP systems.


Case Studies


Developed ground up invoicing and payment software. Primary functions of the software are to manage customers, products/services, invoices, purchase orders, payments and reporting. Secure links accepts credit card payment processing via; Stripe, PayPal or Jetco (HK) / Bank of East Asia.

Affordable Dispatch

Developed business and home alarm monitoring system from ground up. Handles multiple alarm dealers, customers, premises, contacts, archiving multiple databases on the fly and auto clearing alarms before dispatching. Manages police, fire and medical dispatching for critical alarms. Cross developed to function on web for computers, tablets and phones.

TC Technologies

Developed and maintained internal administration and billing software packages from start to finish. Integrated admin software into email and phone systems for monitoring traffic for billing purposes.

Areas of Expertise

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)
Database Development (Multi-Master & Replication)
E-Commerce / Billing Systems
Software as a Service
Custom Application Development


ERP Subsystems

Business Intelligence
Customer Service (CRM)

Distribution (SCM)
Warehouse Management System (WMS)
Bill of Materials (BOM)

Production (PLM)
Procurement (SRM)

Enterprise Asset Management
Human Resources (HR)

Invoicing & Billing